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Fitbits are worn extremely close to your body. These devices use Bluetooth technology, which is an EMF technology and emits radiofrequency radiation. The close proximity and prolonged exposure to this radiation make its usersprone to health risks.

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  • Is it safe to wear Fitbit?

  • EMF is known for causing changes to sleep and brain activity. Wearing a Fitbit device also raises another concern after its users report appearance of rashes. Therefore, it is a must to educate yourself on the advantages and disadvantages of wearing a Fitbit smart watch or activity tracker.

  • Should you keep your Fitbit on your wrist 24/7?

  • However, having your Fitbit on your wrist 24/7 does come with consequences. Experts on electromagnetic field radiation shielding expressed concern over how having it on your wrist all day and night increase the chances of your body absorbing more EMF.

  • Do Fitbits and other wearables emit radiation?

  • Some people in our office rely on their FitBits and other wearables to keep their fitness goals on track. Wireless radiation energy is emitted from all wireless devices, including Fitbit and Apple Watches.

  • Is Fitbit good for kids?

  • Fitbit also offers children their own activity tracker. The Ace was made to encourage children to be more active and engaged into sports and physical activity early in their life. This Fitbit device monitors steps, sleeping hours, and active minutes.

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