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are dr scholl’s custom fit orthotics worth it

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They are well worth the price!I would highly recommend. Eased back pain! The inserts recommended to me by the Dr. Scholl’s kiosk has helped tremendously with my lower back and leg pain.

Do the $50 Dr Scholl’s custom fit orthotics really provide support?

They can function as cushioning, but really do not provide support. How Do the $50 Dr. Scholl’s Custom Fit Orthotics Compare to Regular Dr. Scholl’s Inserts? We compared the $50 “custom fit” orthotics from the Foot Mapping kiosk to the standard Dr. Scholl’s arch supports sold in the foot care aisle.

Is Dr Scholl’s foot mapping a sales gimmick?

We have had many patients ask us about the Dr. Scholl’s Foot Mapping machine and the “custom” orthotics it recommends. They promise “all-day relief of tired, achy feet” yet the results fall far short of their advertisements. The “Dr. Scholl’s Orthotic Center” is, in our opinion, a sales gimmick. As podiatrists, we see these fads come and go.

What is the best alternative to Dr Scholl’s arch supports?

All of these are more supportive than the Dr. Scholl’s arch supports at lower cost. The FootChair Podiatrist Designed Orthotic costs a few dollars more more than Dr. Scholl’s but is the most stable prefabricated orthotic we have found.

Are “custom fit” foot inserts worth it?

For example, if the ball of your foot hurts then we want to transfer pressure off of the ball of your foot. To do this the orthotic must have some rigidity in order to transfer pressure from the ball of the foot to the arch of the foot. The bottom line is that these “custom fit” inserts are not a good deal at this price.

How many pressure sensors are there in an orthotic?

Based on this data, you are told which of their 14 orthotic insert models you should buy for your feet.

Why do orthotics need to be firm?

Remember, the primary purpose of an orthotic is to reduce abnormal stress on tissue. For example, if the ball of your foot hurts then we want to transfer pressure off of the ball of your foot.

Can you use arch supports on your feet?

Over-the-counter arch supports can in no way be considered customized to your feet – no matter how many machines you stand on or what you’re promised Dr. Scholl’s marketing. That doesn’t mean, however, that all over-the-counter arch supports are worthless.

How long do custom fit inserts last?

Custom Fit ® Orthotics are made with highly durable materials. Under normal use, we expect the Orthotics to last from 6 months to a year. If you use the inserts frequently, we recommend replacing them every six months or at the first signs of wear.

What is custom fit orthotics?

Our Custom Fit® Orthotics match the unique geometry of your foot for superior cushioning and comprehensive pain relief.

What is foot mapping?

The Footmapping ® technology in our Kiosks assesses multiple parameters of your feet – including your arch type, foot pressure, foot size, and weight – in order to recommend the Custom Fit ® Number that’s right for you. Your recommended Custom Fit ® Orthotics have a customized cushioning layer to disperse your foot pressure and a customized support system designed for your arch type and placed optimally for your foot size.

How long is the money back guarantee on custom fit?

Our Custom Fit ® Orthotics are backed with a 90-day Money Back Guarantee. Please see our Money Back Guarantee page for details.

How much weight can you put in a Kiosk?

Any adult who weighs between 70 lbs. and 400 lbs. can use the kiosk; although, it is not recommended for children. The maximum weight limit to use the kiosk is 400 lbs.

How to get accurate foot scan?

In order to get an accurate scan, please remember to keep your feet in the footprint areas and flat during the scans. When you lean forward, your hips should be in front of your feet. If you are following the foot scanning directions correctly and are still getting different recommendations, it is possible that your feet characteristics are in between two Custom Fit ® Numbers (for example, you might get a measurement of CF120 and CF220). Both products would be suitable solutions for you. If you get a different 2nd measurement, we recommend going through the analysis a 3rd time and getting the Custom Fit ® number which was recommended 2 out of 3 times.

Is custom fit FSA or HSA?

Custom Fit ® Orthotics are both FSA and HSA eligible. Check your FSA or HSA plan to determine which expenses are covered.

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