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Are Asics big or small fitting? According to the measurement of the interior of the shoe, men鈥檚 Asics are about ahalf-size smallerthan most other running shoe brands. They also tend to be more narrow than other brands. However, Asics for women tend to run true to size.

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  • Are ASICS shoes small in size?

  • In my experience they are on the small side length wise. I am a half size smaller in Asics than my Nike size, and a full size smaller than my Adidas size. As has already been mentioned though, I would definitely try a pair on first!

  • Do Asics Gel Kayano run big or small?

  • Let鈥檚 know do they run big or small. Gel Kayano is one of the most famous production lines from Asics. Though most of the shoes are true to size, some customers complained about a few models as well. They got the width a bit narrower compared to the other Asics footwear.

  • Are Asics Gel-quantum shoes good for wide feet?

  • ASICS Gel-Quantum is considered one of the most promising shoes with a responsive cushion and support for runners. And when it comes to sizes, they are on point. If you have slightly wide or regular sizes feet, you feel absolutely comfortable with Gel-Quantum shoes.

  • How to identify your feet-fit size?

  • Identifying your feet-fit size is like a piece of cake. All you need a piece of paper (full page), a ruler and a pencil. [Tips : Measure your feet after a walk or run. Sometimes the foot size increased a bit with the blood circulation goes up.] Wear a sock (If you are going to wear the shoe with socks) to assure the perfect fit.

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