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  • How do I know my fitness age?

  • Spend extra time each week training in the areas in which you struggled most. Your quest to know your fitness age starts with VO2 max, but who has time for the complicated test our writer took? Not you, so here鈥檚 a simpler test to measure your oxygen uptake: Crush a one-mile run, and make sure to record the time.

  • What is your target level of fitness as you age?

  • There is a set target of fitness for us to meet as we continue to age. For example, did you know that a fifteen year old girl should be capable of raising her metabolism 13 times her resting state or that a women 65 years should be capable of raising hers to 6.

  • What is a fitness test for adults?

  • A Fitness Test for Adults Simple fitness tests 鈥?most of which you can do at home 鈥?will clue you in to your heart strength, balance, and flexibility and give you a blueprint for improvement. You owe it to yourself to make fitness a priority.

  • What is a good range of results for my age?

  • Results will vary depending on your age and gender. The younger you are, the more you should be able to do. For men ages 18 to 25, any number over 49 is excellent; 35 to 38 is average. For men over 65, any number over 28 is excellent; 15 to 18 is average.

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